Landscape photography

Park “de Twee Heuvels”.

I’m Michel Jansen, amateur photographer. My direct interests in a branch of photography is landscape photography.
In a number of photo series I want to make landscape photography related to my hometown Rotterdam known to a wider audience.
Rotterdam is not only a world port city, not only has modern architecture, but landscape also plays a major role.

My photography equipment

Nikon D7500
Sigma 10-20 mm
Nikon 18-140mm
Tamron 70-300 mm

Benro Mach 3 tripod

Benro FH100M2 Filter holder
Benro CPL-HD polarizing filter
Benro Soft Grad GN8 ND filter

It is Monday, December 2, 2019, my regular day off from work and the weather conditions are looking good, so today on the road with camera and accessories. So I bring along except my camera and lenses, my tripod and ND filters, including my Softgrad ND filter.
Today I am going to take pictures in city park “De Twee Heuvel”, a small park located in my hometown Rotterdam IJsselmonde. The size of the park is approximately 50 hectares, but the park has enough potential to take beautiful photos in the context of landscape photography in Rotterdam.
The park exudes the atmosphere of a park located on an old estate, but was laid out in 1971 and opened in November of this year after a refurbishment of almost two years. Despite the late time (December) the fall colors are still abundantly present due to the mild temperatures of recent months.

Landscape photography I experience completely different from other branches of photography. Taking the photo is already an activity that takes time but also gives a lot of pleasure in terms of determining composite, image cut-out, camera settings, exposure, use of filters and 10 to 15 minutes later you have taken 1 photo.